I need to write of it, because I can't get it out of my brain. It needs to go. Curbside alert, my thoughts are bothering me. Here's the dig, I keep thinking about stopping all this fine art output, time and effort (not to mention expenses), in favor of a more practical career in lettering or calligraphy. Design of a specialized sort, basically. Which I've always thought wasn't for me, but I've since grown to rather enjoy some of the projects I've gotten to do; the menu for Tony's, the sample boards for Mosaic Art Supply, the poster for The Variety Show. Beth Malone told me the curatorial strategy for Dashboard, is that they simply curate shows around whatever they are currently excited about. Currently, I'm excited about learning how calligraphy and lettering & it seems like my work has been moving in that directions whether I was conscious of it or not.

    As I mull on this idea that saying yes diminishes the quality of every subsequent yes, it seems clear to me that I need to clarify what I want to say yes to, so that the quality of my work is undiminished. I mean, clearly one of the projects isn't what I wanted it to be, bent out of shape by someone who can barely communicate with us or set a meeting. As I try things, I don't want to have to commit to doing them forever. I should be able to kill off projects that no longer suit me. I think its merely a small detour on a long path, and that I won't be able to leave fine art completely, but who knows?

   I've spent so much time and energy getting back into art in the last year, that I feel a bit drained, especially when I think of how much it cost me.

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