I currently live in Atlanta, the city in the forest.

The only thing ATL is missing is a good ski resort. I have so many feelings about skiing.

About Me

I asked a really close friend how she would describe me, and she replied, "honest, sincere, and dedicated." Those three principles distill my passion for the truth, not trying to be anyone else and getting stuff done.

Artist Statement

Portraiture is an act of reconciliation. It’s an attempt to merge two selves into one, the interior self and the exterior self -- the self you see everyday against the face you only see through a mirror or lens.

As humans, we exist as both a swirl of conscious thoughts and the unconscious self-replicating body. My work pairs fluid abstract mark-making with portraiture to reflect this duality.

I try to illustrate with gestural ink painting the moments before thoughts become words, when everything is just feeling. I’m interested in charged mental states and the unseen interior. It's a representation of moments where I struggled to express myself, not having all the language to traverse the divide between thought and word.

Biographical Information

Angela Bortone is an interdisciplinary artist and member of the artist collective Living Melody. She specializes in portrait painting and lettering. Born in the Dominican Republic, Bortone was raised in Brooklyn and spent nearly a decade abroad in Germany before moving to Atlanta in 2002. She earned a BFA in studio art with a concentration in drawing, painting and printmaking from Georgia State University in 2010. 

Currently, Angela Bortone is the marketing director and artist employee at Mosaic Art Supply and has been since 2015.