There is a gap when translating thought and emotion into verbal expression. Writing is a shortcut to thought.

It's practice of trying to capture the unseen, to convey the spirit and truth.


Current exhibitions

A list of my current and upcoming exhibitions and shows.

Collaborative Projects

Using art as a positive transformative tool for working with others and community.

Available Work

A gallery of my current drawings and paintings available for purchase.

The World Calls & I Respond


This series of thirty paintings and one video were commissioned by Wonderroot for season 7 of the CSA program and are all placed with collectors.

Written entirely from other people’s words, comments and reactions, and I tried to strip away the political issues and just leave the language from these debate. 

I made this work because of wondering of what was ever changed by spouting vitriol from your status update? Maybe you think you are being clever, but if it's really just mean, are you trying to make it hard to listen to?



The Field


First premiered at Whitespace Gallery as part of Short Shorts film festival '15.

If you don’t see it, then it never happened, and it doesn’t exist.

"The Field" is about attention economy and perception psychology. Inspired by the stories of the real people who are literally some other country’s problem in the growing migrant humanitarian crisis; the video explores hate, exposure and apathy. Wondering how someone could be full of hate, the sound is built from radio broadcasts about involving racism/xenophobia and the police/authority. These moral, legal and practical issues are not new problems but we escape them all the same. In this video, right and wrong may be ambiguous but ultimately, they are to be ignored.


The Autonomy of the Voice is a Misnomer


A 14 page zine constructed from magazine pages with the women cut out and words from women inserted.  The title is a reference to a quote from a sound art piece of Cristof Migone's. 

Black and white copies of the zine are available for $4.