10 artists you should know, but maybe don't.

I made this list of mostly local, potentially obscure, unrepresented artists for a friend of mine looking for recommendations. I decided to turn my email into a blog post because I do feel very strongly about the artists and feel like you should get to know these 10 killers too.

Iman Person (organic, wormy, mystical sculptress + drawings)

Christopher Paul Dean (conceptual, construction zone semotics, wood sculptures + paintings). 

Kaye Lee Patton (photo paintings with a healthy dose of texture, nostalgia & beautiful installations)

Angela Davis Johnson (figurative paintings brightly rendered in blocky forms)

Manty Dey (acrylic paint pours onto plexi that dry into a sort of plastic paper, then manipulated into drapery) 

Norah Zagorski (a ceramicist that has impressed with her conceptual and technical abilities since she's still in or fresh out of school)

Vivian Liddell (just a really incredible painter who sometimes incorporates embroidery into her work)

Truett Dietz (woven collages under resin and xxxlarge paintings of neon)

Stephanie Raborn (muted floral and lettering drawing / painting on paper)

India K (she makes banners and then photographs them in her room and in the environment)

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