The Commission Process

The Initial consultation

In our initial chat, we'll go over your vision for a custom piece of art. You determine the general subject, size, any reference pictures you would like me to use and primary colors of the artwork, but leave decisions about the details to my discretion. 

I want to make sure I create a masterpiece for you, and the more freedom you give me, the better I will be able to do this. I do not accept commissions outside of my style.


Proposal + Contract

I'll create a custom proposal + contract with all the details of general subject, size, primary colors of the artwork and cost. If you are ready to book, you can go ahead and sign the contract + pay the invoice. For small sizes, the invoice will be for the total amount. With medium and larger sizes there is the option to pay first 50% as a deposit and the remaining 50% upon approval.


After booking, I'll give you an estimated time of completion, and a schedule of the various steps along the way:

  • when I will begin

  • images of the initial sketches

  • when you will receive images of the final art for your approval

  • framing time, if applicable

  • crating and delivery time. The client takes responsibility for shipping costs and installation, if any.



Payment and Delivery

Once complete, I'll send high-resolution photos prior to shipping or delivering the artwork. I use approval of the photo as a final commitment to the purchase and ask for the balance due, if applicable at that point.

The art will be shipped or delivered upon receipt of the final invoice payment. Once the artwork has been installed, I'd love for you to send me photos of the piece in it's new home!

Frequently Asked Questions


  • MINIMUM ORDER - There is a minimum order amount of $150.

  • TIME FRAME - Once begun, commissioned paintings on paper generally take 2-4 weeks for completion (includes the entire process outlined above). Larger sizes may take up to 6 weeks.

  • REPLICATE A PAINTING? - I like to ensure that each client's piece is unique, so I never set out to exactly replicate a specific painting. But I am happy to create a different version of an existing painting, that is similar yet unique!

  • RATE - I price my work based on size. There is no additional fee for multiple figures. My current rates for custom paintings on paper are listed below. Prices include delivery but not frames.

    Small sizes

    8” x 12”: $150

    11” x 14”: $260

    Medium sizes

    20” x 24”: $550

    24” x 36”: $964

    Large sizes

    30” x 40”: $1320

    36” x 48”: $1868

For works on canvas or panel, other sizes and framing, please contact me for a price quote.