Blue Rose Stained Glass Mosaic

Blue Rose Stained Glass Mosaic


I made this blue rose mosaic entirely out of stained glass, from this really cool manufacturer out of Pennsylvania called Youghiogheny (which interestingly enough, specializes in Tiffany style stained glass). I was working for Mosaic Art Supply at the time and I had done a lot of the work to bring on this new manufacturer to replace Armstrong Glass, a local retailer of stained glass whose quality and glass color range had diminished greatly.

The whole process of bring on this new product line involved ordering samples, deciding the color range, building out spreadsheets & deciding quantities and then actually placing the order, which was like 8 crates worth and worth over $10k. This rose was created to be a promotional image, an evergreen brand photograph and was made out of many different shades and textures of stained glass, with at least 10 different sheets making up the rose.

I was inspired to make a blue rose because of the manga series Paradise Kiss. For George's final school project, he creates this blue ballgown and decks it out with blue roses, dyed from white roses grown in Isabella's garden. "Blue roses are so elusive, even professional botanist couldn't create them." George replies, "That's why there is special meaning to the phrase 'blue rose.'"

It was one of those pieces that came together really well but also easily. Not every thing I make is easy. I remember I posted it on a mosaic facebook group and got over a hundred likes and a dozen comments within a few hours. This piece is 8" x 10" and is still available for purchase for $170.

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