Artist Statement

“Anytime a memory came into my mind, I painted over it with black ink” – Lisa See, Snow Flower and the Secret Fan

My art deals with confession and censorship, particularly in media and the internet. Influenced by the process of writing, I take visual cues from marginalia, a pen that skips and calligraphy. Embracing what is lost, in my work I record, rewrite and paraphrase bits of impassioned moments. This also belies my interest in the anonymous user baring their soul in the comment forum. Erasing ties to names or place, I often sanitize found text and treat it like a classified document released to the public. What remains is the content, cut from context. I focus not on the truth or the fiction but the way the story is told, received and believed.

Biographical Information

Angela Bortone is a painter, video artist and art writer. She mixes other people's voices into her paintings and videos. Born in the Dominican Republic, Bortone was raised in Brooklyn and spent nearly a decade abroad in Germany before moving to Atlanta in 2002. She earned a BFA in studio art with a concentration in drawing, painting and printmaking from Georgia State University in 2010.


Currently, Angela Bortone is an artist employee at Mosaic Art Supply and has been since 2015.